More than 130 years of experience - and still up to date

Quality since 1879

The Drop Forge Albert Pielhau was founded in 1879 and is still led as a family business.
Our ISO 9001 certified quality management system, our ISO 50001 certified energy management system and our ISO 14001 certified environmental management system form the basis for our activities.

Blank or finished assembly - it's not a problem

Our core competence lies in the processing of stainless steel, but we can process all other steel qualitys.
If it is just about the forging and deburring or if it is a whole assembly line which has to be ready for use immediately, we can fully consider our customers' wishes.

forging      assembly processes      comparative sizes

The following steps are part of our standard portfolio: forging, deburring, bending, punching, calibration, stamping, drilling, milling, fluxes, welding, thread cutting and tapping. 
We also heat-treat materials (annealing, quenching and induction hardening) or
refine the surface ( e.g. galvanized or powder coat).

cutting forging material      forging      forging

The true capital of a company are its experienced employees

Although we believe in automatisation, we cannot  pass on our experienced employees.
To produce a first-class forging product, it needs experience.
Our employees are highly qualified specialists in their field.
They ensure, that we always produce highest quality products.

Our technical equipment

We are working with seven modern double-acting hammers by Beché and Lasco.
We are working partly automated with these hammers.
The forgings are under constant temperature control induction heated and fed
to the hammer or robot exactly on time.
Our construction department is integrated into the tool factory an guarantees short respond times.


Our customers are large companies working for the automobile-, construction-, agricultural- and mining industry and companies from the general mechanical engineering sector.