Induction Hardening - superior in precision and controllability

Especially in the hardening process of complicated formed components, a high grade of precision and controllability is needed.
Certain areas or the whole surface of a component can be hardened with the control of a computer.
Hardening depth and hardening level can be chosen individually.
Why hardening the whole component if only a small part of it needs to be hardened?

Entire or partial - it's not a problem

Some components require a uniformly hard surface.
Other components only need to be hardened partially.
Induction hardening makes targeted hardening possible - at nearly every point of a component.
Important characteristics such as strength remain fully intact.

      hardened axle end surface hardened screw crankshaft

Quality "Made in Germany"

In our headquarters in Halver in the Sauerland we are producing with more than 80 employees
at modern machines.
Developing our own innovative machines ensures high quality and high quantity for all our customers.

     examples of hardened screws automatic transport screws before tempering

Quick adjustment of the hardening machines to the components

In the inductor shop, our employees design the inductors necessary for the hardening process.
The inductor is fitted to the shape of the component and build for the desired level of hardening.