welding firm according toEN 1090-2 - EXC2

Our skills

Our specialized welding firm is certified to weld steel structures according to EN 1090-2 - EXC2 and we are in compliance with requirements for welding quality according to EN ISO 3834-2.
 We are specialized in welding stainless steel and metals of different dimensions and material strengths.
We are working with the welding methods MIG, MAG, WIG and manual arc welding.


Our services

We weld single components to assemblies with a large production depth.
We have the preferences to handle individual parts, small series, as well as mass production. We produce manually, partly- and fully automated with our welding robots. Also, our employees work manually or partly automated at conventional workstations.

We are specialized in automated series production with the help of our welding robots. We also are your partner for complex repair welding and and individual welding jobs.

The high standard of our welding products  - economically and quality-wise - is ensured by our welding robots, our modern welding equipment and, of course, our highly trained and experienced employees.

manual welding welding robot hard surfacing for high wear resistance