Hardening and tempering under protective atmosphere

Tempering - Refinement of the mechanical properties

The steel is tmpered for the optimal values of all mechnaical properties.
It's tensile strength, it's thoughness and it's fatigue life number are enhanced by tempering.
Precise control of time and temperature during the tempering process is critical to achieve the desired balance of physical properties.

     Screws before tempering Forgings before tempering Under protective atmosphere

Automation - to control a high quality level

Our continuously operating tempering machine is designed for sundries in high quantity.
During the warming phase the steel is protected against decarburization with a carbon-containing protective atmosphere.
We are able to temper screws (even special forms), bolts, pins and all automatic conveyable components.


Monitoring and control of all process parametersVergütetes SchmiedeteilDie Temperatur wird in jedem Ofenabschnitt überwacht